The Auditing Process

By: Dual Energy  09-15-2010
Keywords: energy, Water Heating, Heat Pumps

Scope of a Comprehensive Plant Audit:

Ø  The Plant Audit will encompass the following: 

o    Steam Trap Testing:

o    Testing of identified steam traps

o    The numerical tagging of the steam traps

o    Advisement on the steam trap suitability for its application

o    Advisement on whether the steam trap installation is correct for optimal operation

o    Advisement on where the steam traps should be installed for drier steam supply

o    Highlight which steam traps are operational and which are not

o    Report on failed and passed steam traps

o    Inventory list of all steam traps

o    Operational data on the steam traps

o    Cost of savings and payback period calculated

o    Steam System Report:

o    Steam quality

o    Steam leaks

o    Insulation

o    Air venting

o    Redundant steam pipes

o    Feed tank

o    Flash steam

o    Boiler, plant and operations

o    Cost of savings and payback period calculated

o    Audit Report Findings:

o    Fault findings (includes photographs)

o    Advisement on whether piping is routed and installed correctly for optimal efficient steam supply

o    Recommendations

o    Expenditure shown from Priority1 to Priority4. With Priority1 being the least cost expense to achieve the highest savings

o    All above detail supplied in bound book format including a CD

Keywords: energy, Heat Pumps, Heating Systems, hot water, Water Heating, Water Systems