Monthly Steam Trap Management Program

By: Dual Energy  09-15-2010
Keywords: energy, Water Systems, Heating Systems

Scope of a Monthly Steam Trap Management Program:

Ø  The Monthly Steam Trap Management Program will encompass the following: 

o    Intellectual Capital:

o    Highly skilled and industry experienced survey personnel

o    On-site practical workshops

o    On-site theory based workshops 

o    Training of identified plant personnel on the various aspects of steam, with regard to traps, systems and operations.

o    Training of identified plant personnel on creating maintenance programs

o    Supply of reference manuals to identified plant personnel

o    Steam Trap Testing:

o    Test, measure and record the findings of the identified traps

o    Test methodology combines both ultrasonic and temperature instrumentation

o    Testing methodology is utilized in conjunction with the PM15 software

o    Logging and recording of all tested trap information to a database that includes:

§  The trap manufacturer

§  The type of trap

§  The location of the trap in the plant

§  The size of the trap

§  The connection of the trap (socket weld, goose-neck flanged etc.)

o    Inspection of the steam trap installation

o    Testing the operational status of the steam trap

o    Test Report Findings:

o    Daily reports logged, generated and supplied on trap conditions

o    Daily report to include trap operational status whether failed open or failed closed

o    Daily report on costs pertaining to failed traps

o    Monthly report compiled

o    Reports to include advisement for efficient steam supply

Keywords: energy, Heating Systems, Water Systems