By: Cyberlogic  11-11-2011

Our Technolgoy Management Lifecycle revolves around a 5 stage approach that ensures strategic alignment between your IT function and the rest of your business.

1. Strategic IT Planning

Through discussion with your key decision-makers we gain an understanding of your technology needs. This allows us to provide guidance on how to achieve maximum return on your technology investment.

2. Design and Implementation

Having gained insight into your business strategy and its technology requirements, we can design and implement the right systems for your needs.

3. Proactive Maintenance

By proactively managing infrastructure, we achieve optimal performance and reliability. Also, by performing all these important maintenance tasks after hours, we ensure that your business can achieve maximum productivity.

4. Real-time Monitoring, Analysis and Feedback

Our sophisticated monitoring and management systems allow us to constantly monitor your systems in real-time. This allows us to respond rapidly to any issues that may arise; many times this rapid reaction enables us to avoid more serious problems from occurring.

5. Performance Reporting

Our advanced reporting systems allow us to analyse the performance of your systems, as well as our own service levels. These reports are provided to you on a regular basis, giving you critical insight into the health of your network.

The “Outer Circle” – Professional Support

Throughout the entire process, our technical staff are on hand to provide friendly, efficient support to your staff.

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There is no win-win scenario when it comes to break-fix IT support because, in order for you to get the best service and support out of a break-fix service provider, they would have to put your interests above their own. What differentiates Managed Services from traditional IT support is that the responsibility – and risk associated with – managing your IT systems shifts to the Managed Services Provider.


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However, many times this requires deeper skills than the in-house staff possess and as a result an external consultant is called in, at hourly rates. Financial risk lies with the customer.In the event of a system failure, the in-house technician is responsible for recovering it. Staff training, skills redundancy, etc. is the responsibility of the customer. Time-based billing results in highly unpredictable IT support costs.


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I truly appreciate the speedy response in getting my office up and running again – thank you very much.. Thanks for your great service and assistance so far - it's been faultless!. Justin Miccoli, CEO 3D Model Agency.