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By:  07-31-2010
Keywords: Billing And Bookkeeping Service, CRM, Billing

The software is aimed at small- and medium sized businesses and promises to automate many of the tedious, repetitive and time-consuming tasks you loathe.

The suite is available at an incredibly competitive price and is unique in the sense that it can be run as a traditional, standalone system or alternatively individual modules can be partially or entirely managed on the your behalf. Moreover, CRMBill can further be augmented with additional outsourced services such as a manned help desk or online chat. consists of various industry specific modules and currently contains functionality for Customer Management, Invoicing and Billing, Helpdesk, Point of Sale (POS) and Human
Resources. There is also a version aimed specifically at larger businesses and additional opportunities are available.

CRMBill is one of the very few products completely developed in C#/ASP.NET and MS SQL 2008. Currently we are offering full hosted solution. All sensitive data is encrypted. CRMBill and is highly secure and has implemented online banking like PIN Based login.

Major Components
• Manage Multiple Companies
• Customer Management
• Service Management
• Invoicing and Billing
• Employee Management
• Expense Management
• Full Help Desk System
• Knowledge Base System
• Branded Client Portal
• Arrear Collection Management
• VAT, PAYEE, UIF Reports
• Newsletter System
• Custom Business Rules

3rd Party Integrations
We are continuously upgrading CRMBill to integrate with 3rd party control panels and registrars. Few of them are mentioned below.

• Integrated with WHM/cPanel
• Integrated with HELM (with modified API)
• Integrated with Neteartone and LogicBox
• Integrated with Netcash
• Integrated with Paypal
• Integrated with Uniforum (CO.ZA Registry)
• Integrated with ORGZA Registry
• Integrated with ZA.NET Registry
• Integrated with Radius Server
• Integrated with Bulk SMS Providers

We are more then happy to integrate with any of the main stream products that you might be using currently.

We are also offering Partner and Reseller Programs. Partner programs eligibility is limited to Companies with a certain minimum number of existing customers. Although Reseller Program is open to anyone who wants to offer CRMBill as part of your current offering. This is a great opportunity to expand your current offering at no extra recurring cost!

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Keywords: Billing, Billing And Bookkeeping Service, CRM, Invoicing