Creating a leadership strategy

By: Contract SA  07-04-2012
Keywords: Business Development, Leadership Training, Human Resource Development

Creating a Leadership Strategy

The following document describes CONTRACT South Africa’s high-level methods for developing a leadership strategy within organisations.  Key to our approach however is working in partnership with our clients and agreeing a tailored method that fits each client’s needs, ambitions and specific conditions.

Leadership Criteria

When assisting organisations in developing a leadership strategy we recommend considering as many of criteria below as possible.  In doing this we can be more confident in ensuring the strategy and subsequent actions will result in the desired outcomes.  These are used throughout the development and implementation of the strategy as project ‘touchstones’, guidelines for direction and action, and, measurement of progress.

Implementing Leadership Strategies

Below is an overview of the key phases and action steps that define CONTRACT SA‘s approach to leadership development.  We believe that a successful leadership strategy can only be created from a clearly articulated business strategy and well defined key business drivers.  Only from this start-point can senior leaders in the business start to see what type of leadership their organisation needs to take them forward.  We work alongside business leaders to reach agreement about this critical step.  From here we undertake a gap analysis to identify priority areas to develop appropriate leadership capability, and the steps required to bring about the desire changes.  Finally we develop a leadership development plan and get sign off from our business sponsors.

When designing our leadership development interventions, we use cutting-edge leadership thinking and our internationally tested methodologies to make each intervention stimulating, challenging, motivating and highly personal. We believe Leadership is both an “art” and a “craft”: providing direction, defining goals, cultivating co-entrepreneurship, challenging employees, motivating, coaching and evaluating are key ingredients in a recipe that at the same time involves developing a personal leadership style. This complex mixture requires sound knowledge of leadership theories, tools and behaviours as well as high levels of self-awareness and a practical understanding of human nature. 

As an international company we draw from our collective experiences of working with different businesses around the world from a range of contexts, cultures and sectors.  This enables us to tailor-make and facilitate leadership development that creates real transformation for your people and business.   

Keywords: Business Development, Human Resource Development, Leadership Training, Organisational Development

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