By: Contract SA  07-04-2012
Keywords: Coaching, Personal Coaching, Human Resource Development

Gaining personal insights – developing new perspectives – creating action

What is coaching?

Coaching assists people in gaining new insights on their life and work, and in developing a greater understanding of self. Based on this heightened understanding, people are able to develop new perspectives for themselves, open up new opportunities, and increase their scope for action.

Coaching is an individual, tailor-made process. Coaching is confidential and voluntary. The willingness of the coachee to be coached is a central prerequisite for success. Coaching is limited in time – instead of creating dependency, our focus lies on creating greater autonomy and confidence.

When is coaching useful and for whom?

Coaching is especially useful in times of change or turning points in people’s lives, whether it be in their private or professional context. Coaching is for people who like tackling challenges, and who like creating their life and work actively. This could be executives, project or team leaders, employees, as well as people in their private capacity who are faced with a decision or other challenges in life.  

Coaching can address topics such as leadership, performance, career, as well as personal development, behaviour, work-life balance, tapping into unused potential, and creating stronger fulfilment in life.

Coaching offers the following benefits:

-          Strengthening of existing potential and development opportunities

-          Situation analysis to ensure professional and personal growth

-          Setting of new goals, tasks and challenges

-          Preparation of dealing with new tasks and situations

-          Dealing with turning points and change processes

-          Identification of limiting thinking patterns and blockages

-          Increased ability for self-management and confident action

-          New possibilities for action in professional or personal conflicts

-          Solutions for leadership and management challenges

-          Balance in times of high pressure in personal and professional contexts

-          Increased future and solution-orientation

-          Heightened use of personal resources

-          Objective feedback by the coach

How do we work?

All CONTRACT consultants work as trainers, facilitators, consultants and coaches. When coaching private individuals or within organisations, we draw on our rich experience in facilitating leadership and management skills, personal development workshops, and facilitating organisational development processes.

Our knowledge of systemic tools and tools of Transactional Analysis is integrated in our coaching processes – through our extensive knowledge of coaching and facilitation methodologies, we are able to tailor-make coaching processes to the specific needs of the client. Our systemic coaching training enables us to look beyond the coachee in isolation, has us take important stakeholders and environmental influences into account, enables us to ask new kinds of questions, and offers new approaches to find sustainable solutions.

Our coaching is interactive and process-oriented. We do not dictate solutions, but rather enable coachees to find their own. Our aim is to create increased confidence and autonomy in dealing with challenges – our coaching process supports this. Coachees develop solutions that fit their personality and situation, and can realistically be implemented. This creates successful and sustainable change. When creating the coaching process, the coachee’s wishes and needs are taken into account, and if required, the goals and requirements of the sponsoring company.

Keywords: Coaching, Human Resource Development, Organisational Development, Personal Coaching

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