Laser Toner Cartridges - Remanufactured

Laser Toner Cartridges - Remanufactured from COMPUTER IMAGING SUPPLIES SA

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Each time a used Toner cartridge is disposed of, you the end-user are throwing away a sophisticated piece of technology that actually can be used over and over again. As with photocopier machines, a laser printer uses similar components and technology for its print reproduction namely, Toner powder, a Processing unit (Toner cartridge) and a fuser unit (to fuse Toner powder). When a photocopier machine has depleted the Toner and performed a predetermined usage, the machine is serviced, parts worn are replaced and Toner replaced with new. However with laser printers, we discard the laser Toner cartridge, when only the Toner has been depleted and this at a tremendous cost to replace.


Re-engineering techniques and after market components for laser cartridges have come of age during the last 10 years. The industry have researched and developed replacement components (i.e. OPC Drum, PCR’s, Wiper blades and compatible toners) equivalent and even better than the original new. Sophisticated equipment to test and analyse cartridges have enabled CIS to produce a compatible or remanufactured cartridge that is equal in quality and reliability to that of the original new.


By using one single, well managed, manufacturing facility, quality can be controlled and gaurenteed and C.I.S. can offer Impression brand Compatible and Remanufactured lasers cartridges which translate into several advantages to the Client.


  1. Quick turn-around  - The compatible or remanufactured cartridges can now be purchased off the shelf, with an empty cartridge produced as an exchange. The customer will therefore not have to wait for a 48-hour turnaround. (subject to stock availability of empties)
  2. More Cost effective – Due to being manufactured locally the cartridges don’t need to be transported over vast distances which invariably add to the final cost of re-manufacturing.
  3. Local Product Technical Support and Service – Each Regional facility enables prompt, personalised contact with the re-manufacturing plant or Technical Support on hardware.
  4. Collection and Delivery Service - This service is offered at no additional charge within the greater metropolitan areas.
  5. Top Quality Alternative – With our investment in sophisticated testing and analysing equipment, cartridges are now truly equal in quality and reliability.

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