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Both partners in the mentoring relationship benefit. Learning is a lifelong process. One of the most effective ways to learn is to assist in the development of others. Good teachers learn much from their students, coaches learn from clients and partners in any successful relationship grow and develop along the way.

Mentoring happens in all organisations whether it is fostered as a development strategy, allowed or encouraged as an informal process, or as an activity that occurs below the consciousness of individuals. People learn from each other every day, adopting modelled behaviours and attitudes and absorbing the culture and perceived values of the organisation through their personal interactions with co-workers.

At CoachMatching, we recognize the benefits of human experience and wisdom. Sometimes it is beneficial to just talk things through with someone who has been through experiences in life and business and walked the path. It can be useful for clients to gain skills knowledge and acquire competencies for just in time learning.

We find that mentoring is extremely beneficial when run as an in house programme to develop specific skills and as such have created a mentors/mentee training programme that enables individuals within an organisation to acquire the knowledge and skills required.

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