Learner Led Group Coaching

By: CoachMatching (Pty) Ltd  06-02-2011
Keywords: Team Building, Coaching, Personal Development


•      Tap into collective intelligence, experience and wisdom of the group

•      To clarify and make sense of on-going work related challenges

•      To explore effective strategies and actions to resolve them


Additional skills built

Coaching skills

•         Effective questioning skills (appreciative enquiry)

•         Giving and receiving support

•         Giving and receiving feedback

•         Active listening

•         Increased empathy and compassion


EQ related skills

•         Self-awareness

•         Ability to reflect

•         Social awareness

•         Integrity

•         On-going learning and personal development


Performance related skills

•         Creative thinking and new thinking patterns

•         Accountability

•         Increase resourcefulness

•         Informal networks

•         Complex problem solving


There are many different types of group coaching, however the Learner Led Approach is in our experience the most cost effective method, is highly sustainable and requires a minimum of external support. Accountability sits within the group and the quality of output and effectiveness is largely dependent of the mix within the group and it’s ability to be self-directing.


CoachMatching will work with the organisation to assist in creating the structure and process within which the coaching takes place. We will train individuals through a one hour presentation plus 2 hour practical session.


Thereafter we can supply qualified group coaches to support the various groups until they are confident to be able to follow the process effectively without external support. In our experience this only takes 1-2 sessions.


Situations where Learner led coaching is effective:

To support leadership development programs

Where there is a high % of generation Y

After a period of one to one coaching

Self directed teams or Scrum

Limited training budgets

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