Webcam Looker: video surveillance system

By: Clickatell  11-11-2011
Keywords: home or office , Video Surveillance, Surveillance System

Webcam Looker: video surveillance system

'WebCam Looker' is a powerful video surveillance system allowing you to monitor and broadcast images of your home or office to the internet or a mobile phone.

How many times you wanted to know what was happening at your home or in the office when u were not there. Have you ever had to leave your children home alone or felt apprehensive about your newly bought car? Or, maybe you just wonder who makes your lemonade vanish away from the fridge every morning?

FelenaSoft Ltd provides a solution, presenting you WebCam Looker that serves well to solve all these and many other important matters with the help of your webcam. WebCam Looker is a sophisticated utility packed with a number of useful functions. Not only does the program let you use the abilities of your webcam to their full extent, it also comes with a number of additional features that can be proved useful on a variety of occasions.

WebCam Looker can come in handy even if you don't have a webcam yet. Using the program, you can watch broadcasts of many internet webcams, add your images and markings to records, retranslate an image and use a built-in web-server for remote access and publishing images on the internet so a variety of powerful features is available without a webcam itself!

WebCam Looker has an advanced scheduler and can be controlled remotely so you can make it work even if you are away or busy. Use these features to record favorite TV programs, look after your kids or even furtively spy on your desktop by using a live-stream or reviewing history of records from Internet. Any Internet browser is good for it.

You will also appreciate that WebCam Looker can be protected with a password, comes in a user-friendly interface, supporting various skins, provides customization and has an archive viewer. The archive viewer has an adjustable speed so you can review events faster or slower and export or remove records whenever you like. If you want, you can edit records by scaling and rotating them, adding a text, time stamps and images or watermarks.

The WebCam Looker turns your computer into a fully functional Web server and a professional supervision system all-in-one. Having all the functionality of professional video-security systems, WebCam Looker is the most cost effective solution for your home or office. You do not need any special equipment. Any, even the cheapest, webcam is enough to transform a computer into supervision and safety system. Fast to start - this solution can be setup in seconds. Later, you can do more specific settings as you grow with your wishes. Continuously/periodically or on motion detected it can, write video, upload images to ftp, send by e-mail and sms, play sound.

Key features:
  • Sources supported: capture devices, webcams, IP cameras, TV-tuners, ftp, http, files, computer screenshot;
  • Destinations supported: photo and video files with optional compression, ftp, http, e-mail, SMS, external programs execution, sound player, build-in web server;
  • Motion detector with unlimited number of custom zones with individual destinations (event handlers);
  • View sources simultaneously in real-time with individual resize and quick maximization.
Other important features:
  • Easy to use program interface with skins;
  • Image marking: adding texts, pictures, date/time, transparency;
  • Archive with build-in viewer with adjustable speed, search and remove functions;
  • Archive cleaning system that removes old files or stops recording when free disk space limit is reached;
  • Password protection of access to the working program and its settings;
  • Silent mode that hides the working program from other computer users;
  • TV-tuner channel selection;
  • Video recording with audio;
  • Popup menu for making video, image shots and sources controlling;
  • Motion detector areas visualization on the main window;
  • Always on top and transparent modes;
  • Automatic startup with Windows;
  • Updater with reminder, manual, automatic updates and no updates modes;

Keywords: home or office , Surveillance System, Video Surveillance, Video Surveillance System

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