LED Tubes

LED Tubes from Clear Sky LEDs

By: Clear Sky LEDs  06-11-2010
Keywords: LED Lighting, LED Lights, Tubes

If you’re a business owner looking to put as much as 90% of the cost of running your current lighting expense back into your pocket, LED Tubes are the LED Lights to make an investment in! Light Saver’s LED Tubes are the smart replacement for any contemporary florescent / halogen lighting products. Enjoy instantaneous light on a cold start and a lighting output that generates virtually no heat. LED Tubes are a 100% green, clean and safe – without any mercury that you’ll find in other products and without giving off any UV (Ultra violet) radiation. These LED Lights are much easier on your eyes and don’t cause the irritating drowsiness of normal fluorescents and come in either a pure or warm white colour option. Enjoy an unmatched and singular lifespan of +50,000 hrs of continuous operational use (that’s close on 14 years if you never turn them off!).  Reduce your maintenance and replacement fees drastically – especially when dealing in large Led Tube light applications. So make sure you buy your LED Tubes securely online today and have them shipped door to door anywhere in South Africa from the Light Savers’ e-Commerce storefront.

Keywords: LED Lighting, LED Lights, Lighting Solutions, Tubes