LED Light Bulb

LED Light Bulb from Clear Sky LEDs

By: Clear Sky LEDs  06-11-2010
Keywords: LED Lighting, LED Lights, Lighting Solutions

The LED Light Bulb will become the lighting standard in the not so too distant future. Do you know that your incandescent light bulbs burn up over 90% of your electrical bill generating just heat? Besides this being a terrible waste, incandescent bulbs make air conditioning systems work that much harder. Over 25% of a modern home’s electrical bill is expended just on indoor lighting and with the change to LED Bulbs, you’ll be able to put 90% of that back into the bank! The revolutionary LED lightbulb has 50,000 hours of operational life – that’s almost 14 years! What’s more, they generate no excess heat, contain no harmful mercury and emit zero UV radiation. On the Light Saver’s e-Commerce storefront, shop online and chose from a number of LED Bulbs for screw (e14) or bayonet (b22) fittings, with dimmable options available too, and replace those wasteful Incandescent light bulbs today!

Keywords: Bulbs, LED Lighting, LED Lights, Lighting Solutions