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In December 2005 we got a phonecall from “Let’s Fix it” (A program on E-TV which makes dreams come true for people who can’t afford to make their own dreams come true) to ask us if we would like to sponsor a christmas party for 30 pensioners in Athlone- our response “ABSOLUTELY!”
So we called up a friend who owns a decor company (Nadine from Theme Creations 0828550918) to ask if she would like to come onboard and do the decor for the party- her response “ABSOLUTELY!”
And so it happened- we did a selection of chocolate cupcakes with each pensioners name piped on each cupcake, a selection of bright red vanilla petit fours with gold stars and christmas trees piped on each one, Wicked chocolate cake “Flower Pots” each planted with a red rose and touched with our edible gold paint, christmas tree shaped cookies, homemade sweeti-pies painted with gold edible paint and wicked chocolate cake covered in white icing with red roses in the centre. Nadine and her team did an unbelievable job with the decor using red roses, gold base plates, gold organza saches at the back of each chair, christmas crackers and LOADSSSS more.
The party was an unbelievable hit, but it didn’t end there…
Next up was a christmas party for 500 underprivlidged children in Belville. We did 5 cakes each served 100 kids- we did a range of chocolate and vanilla cakes covered in white buttericing with christmas trees, stars and candy canes piped in bright colours on each cake. The kids went CRAZY- they had an AMAZING time and we had enough cake to feed every child twice.
The show was aired on Christmas day 2005- where they showed an interview with me (Alex) and my sister Dani setting up each party and discussing what we had done- FAME AT LAST!

I have attached a photo of the pensioners christmas party for everyone to see.
Have a FABULOUS day and watch this space for lots more blogging.

The Charly’s Chick

Keywords: cake, Chocolate Cake, chocolate cupcakes, Gold, Wicked Chocolate Cake

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Well better late then never…Valentine’s day broke all previous records, with Charly’s making more then 3000 cupcakes., plus endless Petit fours and heart shaped biscuits. Eventually I was icing hearts onto the milk tarts, but still by 1 o clock we had sold out, and still the people kept pouring in. Even our Corporate customers spoilt their staff and customers with cupcakes!Thank you for the amazing support.


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My fiancee Rune and my mother was sitting across from me, and I just put the thought out there: â??What about moving the wedding to South Africa, so that we can have a Charlyâ??s bakery cake?â?. Every time we have stayed in Cape Town, Charlyâ??s bakery have featured big time in our lives there – we just cannot resist the delicious cakes, cookies and pies you make.


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I want to make Madiba the greatest most Mucking Afazing cake ever for the Greatest most Mucking Afazing Man of South Africa, next year in July when the BIG MAN turns 90. Anytime you want me to make a cake for one of my personal heroes- I’m there like a shot- and Zelda-PA to Madiba- this is a big hint about a certain big 90th coming.


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Alex was interviewed for the July Issue of Glamour magazine (go check it out on page54 if you havn’t already. I’m supposed to close the shop at 4pm, but customers are still walking in at 4.45pm. Alex Biess, 23, manager of Charly’s Bakery. Handing over a cake on a special occasion.


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Charly’s also serves great sandwiches, savoury quiches and coffees, and makes “mucking afazing” cakes to order for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays to well, Fridays. This meant I could have a heavily frosted grapefruit-sized vanilla cupcake in each colour-red, green, yellow, purple and orange-all dusted with fine gold glitter. Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town will make you throw kilojoule caution to the wind.