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By: Caring Candies  11-11-2011

Available in Sugar-Free Dairy-Free, Sucrose-Free Real Milk, Sucrose-Free Toffee Crunch, Sucrose-Free Fresh Mint

Why do most say "Sucrose-Free" but the Dairy-Free variant says "Sugar-Free". Are they suitable for Diabetics?

YES, all our products are suitable for Diabetics and contain no animal fats :)

Milk natually contains a milk sugar called Lactose.

Our Real Milk, Fresh Mint and Toffee Crunch variants are made with real milk, and therefore naturally contain traces of lactose in them. They are, however, suitable for Diabetics.

Our Dairy-Free variant, which contains no lactose, is therefore completely SUGAR-FREE. This variant is also VEGAN-FRIENDLY.

Our chocolate is kosher milchik (except our dairy-free variant, which is parev) and has a shelf life of 1 year from the date of manufacture.