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OSHO Rebalancing Massage Cape Town from Cape Town Massage & Breathwork Studio: Jean-Pierre

By: Cape Town Massage & Breathwork Studio: Jean-Pierre  08-31-2010
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The essence of Rebalancing is a loving, sensitive touch. This Bodywork involves the finest art of combining massage techniques with the expression of love. Rebalancing sees each individual human being as a priceless gift, not as a mechanism that needs to be" repaired". It meets the uniqueness of each human being. Rebalancing treats more than the physical component of healing, addressing the emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects as a whole.


The Rebalancing philosophy works from the premise that the body and mind are one, both the home of the soul. It works on the physical influence of the whole person. It is a powerful method of releasing deep-seated tensions in the body, mind and feelings.


This body-oriented psychosomatic therapy focuses on the essential unity of body, mind and heart synthesis, body reading, connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, body awareness training and emotional expression.


Rebalancing may involve Deep Tissue Massage, joint tension release and energy balancing, removing or lessening the chronic holding patterns that cause pain and illness. As the body releases muscular rigidities and relaxes, energy is set free: old, unconscious emotional and mental attitudes and patterns start to shift as they are brought into conscious awareness. The client may gain a better understanding of their previously hidden potential as they move closer to their innermost core and begin to live life more spontaneously and gracefully.

What does the Rebalancing technique involve?

Rebalancing usually involves a series of powerful synergetic treatments, which allows the whole body to be systematically included, suited to the individual history of a person, and the needs and challenges of their situation.


I work to free tensions with deep slow and skilful strokes. The client is encouraged to breathe deeply, exploring that moment and connect. Invitingly gentle, Rebalancing helps the body to be more free and upright. Being in the body becomes a more pleasurable and stress-less experience.


The effect of completing a series usually alters the way one feels relates to oneself. It can have extremely positive long-lasting results.


The 10-session structure allows for the best results

Treatment usually lasts for a series of 10 sessions of an hour each. Each hour focuses on one body segment, bringing life awareness into areas that the client may never notice.

The process of transformation elevates and transforms patterns of thought, feeling and energy flow.


It’s unique among deep tissue therapies, as it uses a 10-session structure, but it’s a tool, not a rigid structure to cling to. Each session is complete in itself and I work with the individual’s needs.

Keywords: Massage, Massage Services, Massage Therapy, Meditation, osho rebalancing, SPORTS MASSAGE

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