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By: Breede Valley Fruit Processors  11-11-2011

The November/December 2010 Bulida crop of 35431 mt,  was one of the lowest in the past 10 years and came after an initial estimate in October 2010 of about 38800 mt.

With no stimulus by the two big canning companies to encourage farmers to  plant new trees, together with the poor  economic situation world-wide over the last few years, have caused a general downward trend in Bulida Apricot production, especially more so due to large numbers of trees being uprooted and not being replaced.

With the 2011 crop fast approaching, current volume estimates are still somewhat uncertain, but could probably end up somewhere between 37000 and 43000 mt .

For canning purposes, last year a quantity of 24938 mt Apricots were  delivered  to canners, and this is expected to increase to about 30000 mt . Deliveries for puree purposes could make up another 9000 mt, slightly up from last years 8200 mt, but still well short of the previous year’s 11750 mt .

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