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By: Bodypillow cc  10-23-2009
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The bodypillow design is rectangular, 1.4 meters in length and 400 mm wide. You can lie against the pillow for extra back support or use it as a prop to sit against while reading or watching TV in bed. Regular pillows could be used to fill the same function but they tend to shift and compress during sleep and ultimately do not provide the same support and comfort that a bodypillow does.

The most comfortable way to sleep with your bodypillow is to hold it against your chest, placing it between your knees and ankles. This prevents your ankles and knees from rubbing together and also keeps your spine aligned in the process. A bodypillow acts as an excellent support for pregnant woman and people with back problems but is also extremely comfortable for anyone to sleep with. Bodypillows are great to offer as additional bed time comfort to customers at Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses or Bed & Breakfast accomodation. Our bodypillow come complete with fully washable and interchangeable pillowcases - currently in Seven 100% cotton colors and three polar-fleece colors..

Keywords: bodypillow body pillow