Transgender Feminisation Training

By: Biebie Productions  10-03-2010
Keywords: Speech Therapy, Accent Neutralization, Transgender Feminisation Training



I devised this course, because I found that there is a need for transsexuals who want to improve their overall vocal quality, by eliminating any negative qualities of their previous voice. It will look at various aspects concerning the vocal apparatus in general; and then, how the techniques will be utilized in the feminization process to suit your unique voice and style of speaking.


Students learn:


Posture, Relaxation – laryngeal tension

Breathing – difference between male and female

Resonance – restore its dynamics

Pitch – stretching the range and utilizing consistency

Tone – difference between male and female

Articulation – tongue positions

Enunciation – tongue positions

Speech faults

Verbal Dynamics




Keywords: Accent Neutralization, Speech Therapy, Transgender Feminisation Training

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