Elocution/Vocal Production/Accent Neutralization

By: Biebie Productions  10-03-2010
Keywords: Speech Therapy, Accent Neutralization, Elocution Training



This course helps you to develop your voice whilst eliminating any speech impediments. The course was devised on the basis of using drama exercises (as a template), this will help you to understand all elements which constitutes correct speech. The exercises in the course focuses on combining an arrangement of concepts, which will help you, achieve great results.


Students learn: How to develop your voice using posture, relaxation + breathing;

                       Neutralizing any accent – resonance, pitch + tone;

                       Eliminating any/all speech faults;

                       Communication skills in a private, public and corporate setting;

                       Maximizing your vocal capacity giving you versatility and dynamics when   


                       You will have better diction and clarity – articulation and enunciation;

                       You will be able to use the course information for TV/Radio Presentation,                

                       Voice overs, switch board, private and public sector and corporate sector,                                              

                       Answering (phones), Front of house sales, etc;

                       You will learn how to gain confidence in speech within your working  

                       Environment – verbal dynamics



Keywords: Accent Neutralization, Elocution Training, Speech Impedimant Correction, Speech Therapy,

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