Voice-Over Course

By: Biebie Productions  08-24-2013
Keywords: Commercials, television voice over training, corporate sell,

A voice-over artist is there to make the voices jump off the page. This course introduces you to various voice-over scripts which present different demands. It is important that you identify the various voice-over scripts in order to approach them in a creative and intelligent manner, which satisfies the needs of the client. Benefits: • Skills to practice voice over’s. • An understanding of what is required to be a professional voice over artist. • How to use your voice when reading voice over’s. • What to look for when listening to voice over’s of other people. • Clear diction • Flexibility to do Commercial, commentaries and other voice over’s. Course outline: • Posture behind the microphone; • 5 production techniques; • Relaxation (throat tension) and breathing for a voice over; • Modulation = how to use the voice to get the message across; • Textual analysis; • Pitch, resonance = tone: sincere, happy, off the wall interpretation; • Diction = Articulation: consonants such as plosive “s” etc.; • Vowels = enunciation of monophthongs, diphthongs, triphthongs; • 20 steps to success in voice-overs; • Voice over scripts = various demands; • Commercials: hard sell, soft sell, deep sell, cell phone content, “real” read – guy/girl next door, character voice, announcer – corporate sell = 3rd person, the spokes person = 1st person = home improvement, the gossip (woman = stare opinions); • Commentaries: financial, investigative, wildlife, educational, medical, travel, sport, the arts, technical, modern documentary (computer games); • Other: on hold messages, website video’s, podcast intros and outros, sponsorship messages and DJ drops, audio books. Duration: 13 weeks @ 1 hr per week OR 7 weeks @ 2hrs per week.

Keywords: Commercials, corporate sell, Soft Sell, television voice over training,

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