Transgender Voice Development

By: Biebie Productions  08-24-2013
Keywords: Voice Therapy, feminisation, Transgender Voice Development,

I devised this course, so as to; provide voice and communication training for male-to-female (MtF) clients and for female-to-male (FtM) clients. In general, men and women communicate differently. For example, most men tend to speak with lower pitched voices, while women use higher pitched voices. Women often use more gestures when they speak. Men may use shorter sentences that get more to the point. Individuals who are transgender/transsexual often elect to have voice and communication therapy to help them use their voice in a safe way and communicate more like the opposite gender of that in which they were born. Benefits: • A chance to practice vocal skills in a conversational context. • Increased confidence and self-advocacy in a safe, inviting environment. • The opportunity to share information about the transgender community. • An occasion to interact with other women around shared experiences. • An important interaction between skill-building and relationship-building in the therapeutic process. • Establishing emotional expression and intensity levels when communicating. Course outline: • Pitch range; • Breathing for MTF & FTM; • Relaxation – laryngeal tension; • Resonance; • Tone of the voice within conversation; • intonation pattern - the rhythm of speech; • rate - how fast or slow the person speaks; • volume/intensity • language • speech sound production - articulation; • Articulation Patterns – the way we say certain sounds; • pragmatics - social rules of communication; • aspects of communication; • nonverbal communication – gestures, timing, eye contact etc.; • Vocal hygiene. Duration: 13 weeks @ 1hr per week

Keywords: feminisation, Transgender Voice Development, Voice Therapy,

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