Radio Presenting

By: Biebie Productions  08-24-2013
Keywords: Radio Station, Community Radio, Community Radio Station

If you are deciding to become a radio presenter, then this course is ideal for you! You will learn how to prepare yourself for going onto radio and how to act whilst on air. It teaches you the ins and outs of radio presenting: compiling play lists, presenting news, weather and sports, creating scripts and generating fresh ideas to keep your audience entertained. This course will increase your knowledge and ensure that you have the necessary skills to present a successful radio show. Benefits: • A better understanding of how to present yourself over the radio. • Create a radio show. • Assisting a DJ with compiling and presenting everyday segments, such as news, weather and sports. • Establish and build an on-air identity. • Read a news bulletin effectively. • Conduct a radio interview. • Present and produce a package. Course outline: • How to successfully get into Radio; • Posture, relaxation and breathing techniques; • The history of radio in South Africa – types, stations; • Characteristics of radio: terms, objectives, mediums and limitations; • Modulation and getting your message across = tone; • Articulation and Enunciation; • Key Steps to produce a Radio programme; • On Air Techniques when “live” on air; • How to Generate Ideas for radio; • Research skills; • Interviewing skills (techniques and tips); • Understanding the Recording equipment radio presenters use; • Presenting a radio show: links, news etc.; • Scripting for radio; • Promoting yourself. Duration: 13 weeks @ 1 hour per week.

Keywords: Community Radio, Community Radio Station, Radio Dj, Radio Presenting, Radio Station,

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