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By: Bamboo Flooring  11-03-2009
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Bamboo Flooring() - Beauty And Uniqueness
In today’s environment awareness world more and more people are looking for earth friendly ways to build and remodel their homes. Bamboo flooring( is a perfect solution for those wishing for a unique look as well as making a statement about sustainability. Bamboo grows back in a short number of years whereas the traditional materials take decades.  Vertical strand bamboo flooring and horizontal woven bamboo are two popular styles available. Horizontal has more of a modern look as it is similar to its traditional counterparts. Vertical shows all of the nodules and gives more of a classical Asian look. Either way you go the look of this type of flooring is outstanding,   Structures have been made from bamboo that withstand the years, but bamboo flooring does require some special treatment. Be sure to use carpets in high traffic areas to reduce the amount of wear. Also, do not use rubber backed rugs as this could trap in moisture and mar your floor.  Plank and glueless bamboo flooring are two popular installation styles. Plank is more traditional in that it has to be stapled down. Glueless is the click type where you fit the pieces together and snap them together. Your décor, budget, and installation site will determine the best type to choose.  Elegance, individuality, and earth friendly. What more could you want from something necessary for your home? Costs are comparable to that of traditional flooring and you can either have it installed or do it yourself!

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