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By: Anglican Aids  11-11-2011

On Friday evening, May 22nd, the Anglican AIDS & Healthcare Trust (AAHT) embarked on a new, fund-raising enterprise.   AAHT opened an exhibition of Southern African Art that ran through 3 July.  This was made possible by a most generous gift of art from Mrs. Gail Dörje of The Cape Gallery an

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FreshMinistries is a non-profit-humanitarian organization dedicated to creating communities around the globe in which all people regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion have equal access to the educational tools, community support and economic opportunities needed to live healthy, produc.


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Siyafundisa has just discovered a new programme to complement and reinforce its on-going HIV youth prevention programmes (Peer Education and Life Skills) and the training of priests that it does in conjunction with these. The Anglican Aids and Healthcare Trust sponsored a Dissemination Workshop for the DfID-funded Siyakha Programme – a comprehensive HIV & AIDS programme - in Johannesburg 28 -30 September 2009.