Fresh Fruit - Citrus, Pome, Grapes and Stone Fruit Exports

By: African Trade Market  11-11-2011
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Export quality fresh fruit.

Our Fresh Fruit from Africa is mainly sourced from South Africa which is well established in the exportation of fresh fruit. The quality of our products is of international standards and we will ensure that the fruit which we export is inspected ensuring that all expectations are met. We also prefer to taste test our producer’s products, that is just because we love fresh fruit.

We have a number of suppliers throughout South Africa who specialise in various fresh fruit from South Africa, these include ,  and  we negotiate directly with the suppliers, who are reliable and well established.

The most popular African Pome fruit, which we export from South Africa, include Apples and Pears. Pome fruit is an accessory fruit composed of five or more carpels, in which the exocarp forms an inconspicouous layer. The mesocarp is usually fleshy, and the endocarp forms a leathery case around the seed. 

Stone fruit is sourced mainly from our South African suppliers, the most popular stone fruit include Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches and Plums.  These fruits develop from a single carpel and mostly from flowers with superior ovaries. The definitive characteristic of stone fruit is that the hard, lignified stone (or pit) is derived from the ovary wall of [..]

We export various varieties of Red, White and Black grapes, some of the more popular grapes include seedless grapes. Grapes which are used for making wine differ considerably to table grapes, which can also be used for making raisins.

The most popular African citrus fruit include Lemons and Oranges. The word citrus is derived from the Ancient Greek, kedros or the Latin derivate cedrus, names applied to several different trees with fragrant foliage. Cultivated Citrus may be derived from as few as four ancestral species. Natural and cultivated origin hybrids include commercially important fruit such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, lims [..]

Keywords: Fresh Fruit, Fruit, Stone fruit

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