Temperature data logger

Temperature data logger from AccentroniX cc

By: AccentroniX cc  08-17-2009
Keywords: cellswitch, modems - usb & pci

It is a real-time web based system from where you can monitor and control your cold rooms from anywhere in the world.
You can log onto iKhaya's secure website  and control outputs, monitor inputs, setup rules and conditions, download detailed logs, view graphs, receive emails and sms alerts and much more. The plug-and-play terminal can take up to 5 high-presition temperature sensors and is scalable.
Typical process monitoring applications include Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Level and Power.
Typical process control applications include Pump, Motor, Fan, Geyser and Lights.
Please visit our product page on  for more information.

Keywords: cellswitch, modems - usb & pci