Pulsarlube M

By: 1-PULSARLUBE  04-25-2012
Keywords: Industrial Equipment, Lubrication, Machinery & Equipment

The Pulsarlube M automatic lubricator has been developed to compensate the perfromance of the gas-type automatic grease lubricator, which has been used widely. This product has combined the vertical self-priming pump mechanism and microprocessor control system, and it can be used mainly in case of considerable back pressure from the bearings, when precise lubrication is needed, and when a disposable lubricator is not economical.
Built-in Large LCD & High Operating Pressure The built-in large LCD screen is easy to use, helping one detect the malfunction. This is a semi-permanent, mechanical automatic grease lubricator that is more economical than the formal single-use products since it enables replacing the grease pouch and battery pack after use. With high operating pressure of 30kgf/㎠, this product has increased dispensing reliability and installation in case gas-type products cannot be installed because of the high back pressure, allowing remote installation and multi-point lubrication.

Keywords: Automatic Lubrication, Industrial Equipment, Lubrication, Lubrication Equipment, Lubrication System, Lubrication Systems, Machinery & Equipment, Pulsarlube

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Pressurization Inverse pressurization By improving oil separation, lubrication reliability is enhanced, and refilling efficiency is maximized. Valve design Selective valve Easy control of flow rate; the set rate can be changed before use Initial customer satisfaction Grease filling in The adoption of a pressurization locking device makes initial installation more convenient Controlling the dispensing rate Easy control Dial type makes controlling the dispensing rate easy