Remedial / Problem Horse Training

Remedial / Problem Horse Training from Equine Insight

By: Equine Insight  01-25-2010
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At Equine Insight, we believe thatwhatever equine discipline you choose, you and your horse’s enjoymentand success will be greatly enhanced when you understand the theory,technique, and timing of training a horse to work with you using thehorse’s natural instincts in a non-violent pain free approach.

At Equine Insight, we encounter and help with many issues including:
Ground Training – from your hand to your horse. Withground training your horse will learn to respect you, your personalspace and to find security in you. The key to successful training liesin providing a firm foundation.
Catching. Ifyour horse is not freely willing to walk towards you in the field orgreet you at the stable door, it’s time to ask yourself where yourrelationship stands and what you can do to change this situation.
Clipping.Clipping does not need to be a tug of war between you and your horse.Some horses take clipping in their stride whilst others are moresensitive and even phobic. We encourage the horse to accept the processwillingly.
Desensitisation.Desensitisation training aims to put in place coping strategies for youand your horse. By using exercises we can teach a horse to becomeconfident and adopt a more rational approach to coping with what isgoing on around him; placing you in a vital position of trust.
Farrier/Shoeing.Working with you, your farrier and your horse to make this a troublefree part of your routine. We demonstrate and apply practical methodsthat will enable you to present a polite horse to your farrier.
Headshy.Horses may become headshy as a result of some form of trauma to thehead area. However, horses are amenable creatures and when trained andhandled correctly we are able to help the horse overcome this fearquickly.
Loading.Perhaps one of the most asked about ‘problems’. Firstly, it is anatural instinct to a horse not to want to go into a confined space; toa flight animal it equals entrapment! Through leadership and trust itis possible to change the horse’s negative perception of loading to oneof calm acceptance.
Pre-Backing.Pre-backing your horse will reduce the stress and trauma that so manyhorses experience when they are first backed… it makes the day thatyour horse gets a rider on its back just another day! It is essentialto lay solid foundations to speed up the transition in training fromground to ridden work.
Aggressive behaviour.Identifying the trigger to this can provide a reference point fromwhere the behaviour can be dealt with in a safe and effective manner.This allows the relationship to be rebuilt and the behaviour to resolve.
Ridden Work – from your feet to your seat.Dealing with mild issues to the more advanced problems such as rearing,bucking, napping, bolting, mounting problems etc.  Before any riddenwork is undertaken, we will first determine if your horse can cope withthe physical demands placed upon him and then decide on a course ofaction.
Consultations.Equine Insight training is carried out at your location and with asmuch participation from you as possible. The training involves not onlyteaching your horse and working through the ‘problems’, but alsoteaching you how to deal with certain situations to prevent the problemre-occurring in the future.  We believe that in order to get the bestresults, it is beneficial to all parties to carry out training wherethe problem occurs. 
We work throughout the whole of the Western Cape and with regular trips up to Jhb / Pta areas.

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