What will you give yourself this Valentine's Day?

By: Be Happy Life Coaching  02-04-2013
Keywords: Valentines Day; Self Care; Love; Languages of Love;

February is the month of Love. But how many of us remember to include ourselves in the celebration? Some of us may even think that loving oneself is "vain", "selfish", or "self centred". However, without self love, there is no self care. And without self care, life quickly loses its shine and joy, leaving only exhaustion and resentment. For some it may even lead to burnout. “Burnout occurs when passionate, committed people become deeply disillusioned with a job or career [or life] from which they have previously derived much of their identity and meaning…the things that inspire passion and enthusiasm are stripped away.” Feeling scatterbrained, irritable, lost your mojo, always tried...? You may be heading for burnout… The most effective way to prevent burnout and exhaustion is to practice self care. Inspired by Gary Chapman's book "The Five Languages of Love", I invite you reflect on how you are currently expressing love for yourself in relation to Chapman’s five different expressions of love. Give yourself a rating out of 5 on how proficient you think you are in each of the ‘languages’: words, actions, gifts, quality time, and physical affection. [...] For the full article go to: www.behappylifecoaching.co.za/blog/ Kerstin Waddell is a Martha Beck certified life coach who helps men and women rediscover and listen to their Heart Song and boost their wellness. Book a FREE discovery session today: [email protected] See when the next First Aid for Burnout Prevention seminar will be held in Cape Town: www.behappylifecoaching.co.za.

Keywords: Valentines Day; Self Care; Love; Languages of Love;

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