Putting a stop to HP problems

By: Wynroete Verkoeling  11-07-2012
Keywords: Cooling tower chemical, Cooling tower flush, High head pressure,

If you are the operator on any water chilling plant you might be familiar with the term HP or high pressure and if you are then I am pretty sure that your heart rate just went up a beat. If you are new to this term, here is a quick explanation: Should a water chiller trip on HP it basically means that the pressure in the high side of the circuit is too high. Why? There is a long list of probable causes, but to break it down into two it might either be your condenser or your cooling tower under performing assuming that no valves are closed on the discharge side and that all other components are in order. So we narrowed it down to the condenser and tower. If your water in the cooling tower is hot, your fill is most likely the problem assuming the fan and nozzles are working fine and not clogged. If your water is cold, but your unit has a high HP and also assuming there is no non-condensables in the system the chances are good that your condenser is filthy. OK still you knew all this already, but what if I told you we have a chemical that we simply add to the water and leave it to do its magic. This water should be drained after a while (24-48 hours) and the process can be repeated to clean the fill and also increase heat transfer in the condenser. The beauty is that you don’t have to switch off your unit, find Sipho to help you rod the condenser through the night or let your unit operate under extreme conditions. Extreme conditions = high discharge pressure = higher electrical energy consumption and ultimately reduces the compressor's life span. At this time I imagine you are waiting for the price and name of the chemical? Well the price is about R 700 per cooling tower excluding VAT, transport and labour depending on where you are situated off course. The name is a secret, but because the water must be at a certain temperature when adding the chemical we insist on doing it ourselves since large quantities can be harmful to your condenser tubes. Normally it does not effect the copper tubes of the condenser, but should it not be applied correctly the fill and copper tubing might be at risk, thus let it over to us rather than explaining to your boss why your condenser must be replaced. For ± R 1500-00 + VAT if you are in Cape Town area, it’s a good way to start off the harvest season or buy some time if you are not able to stop your plant for "rodding" and fill replacement. For more info contact us on 082 550 4586, 082 550 4594, the office at 021 981 8059 or alternatively 021 976 7096.

Keywords: Cooling tower chemical, Cooling tower flush, High head pressure,

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