Reaching out to those in need!

By: Jesus to my Rescue  01-17-2017
Keywords: Food, outreach, Online Bible

Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach Introduction Jesus to my Rescue is a fully registered and tax exempted Christian non-profit company, providing community service whilst spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The company started in 2008 and became a fully registered non-profit company in 2012. In the beginning, Jesus to my Rescue evolved around the website,, which attracted thousands of users from around the world. The Lord really worked through this website as many lives were touched and changed through it, including people who were using drugs, people with financial challenges, marriages that were fallen apart, relationships that were going through difficult times or simply people who were looking for some motivation and inspiration. Today Jesus to my Rescue is not just a website used by thousands of people but also a company that cares for the community, a company with a clear vision from God. We are involved in various projects all over South Africa and continue to spread the true Gospel to all people. Jesus to my Rescue have various ongoing projects where we are directly involved within the community. The idea of these projects is to provide help to the community, especially from the previously disadvantaged. Jesus to my Rescue is dedicated in working in the community and with the community with its main purpose to uplift those who have not had the opportunities in the past, due to poverty. We are directly involved with schools, churches, children homes and old aged homes by means of providing food, training, basic education and assistance. There is only one beneficiary to this organization, which is the poor and only one that gets the glory, which is God! Jesus to my Rescue Projects Summary 1. Walking with Jesus 2. Bible Drive 3. Training for Jesus 4. Feeding the Hungry 5. Youth Project 6. Focus on Christ 7. JTMR for the Aged 8. Men’s & Women’s Conferences 9. Internet Ministry on

Keywords: Food, Online Bible, outreach