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By: EE Consult  01-15-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Skills Development, consultants


Employment Equity  :

  1. Assist in Conducting a workplace analysis;
  2. Development of the EEA2 (Employment Equity Report);
  3. Development of the EEA4 (Income Differentials);
  4. Development of numerical goals and recommendations in line with legislative requirements;
  5. Coordination of the process necessary to establish an Employment Equity Forum/Committee;
  6. Coordination of the process to appoint an Employment Equity Manager;
  7. Consultations/meetings with the Employment Equity Forum/Committee;
  8. Assist with the training of the Employment Equity Forum/Committee members on the requirements of the Employment Equity Act and their role as committee members by providing a software training package;
  9. Developing an Employment Equity policy and constitution;
  10. Coordination of the process to complete EEA1 forms by all employees;
  11. Development of the Employment Equity Plan as required by the Act;
  12. Providing the documents required to implement to process successfully.

Skills Development  :

1.    Identifying the SETA you should be registered with;

2.    Registering a SDF (Skills Development Facilitator);

3.    Conducting a skills audit to determine the organisation’s skills needs as well as the current skills of the employees.

4.    Developing a workplace skills plan;

5.    Developing a Skills Report;

5.    Establishing a skills development committee (by law a company with 50 or more employees need to establish a skills development  committee and consult with the committee in terms of the plan);

6.    Consulting with the skills development committee with regards to the skills plan;

7.    Recommending suitable training courses;

9.    Calculating and Ensuring Skills Development Levy Payment is made before the deadline each month to SARS;

8.    Submitting the Skills Development Plan and Report to the relevant SETA.

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