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By: Deionised Water SA  07-30-2015
Keywords: Purified Water, Window Washing, Filtered Water

Why is it necessary to use Deionised Water? Pure water is essential in different applications like laboratory experiments, cosmetics, electronics manufacturing, food processing, metallurgy, and other industrial processes. Impurities in water may cause interference which may cause undesirable results. Water contaminated with ions is also more electrically conducive and may not be suitable for some applications. Deionised water is also applied in steam ironing to prevent scaling of components inside irons and steam cleaners as there are no ions ie: calcium, magnesium, iron, salts or other ions left in the water that can form scale build up. In ultrasonic cleaning tanks, DI water is extremely active. It will pull ions from any surrounding metal, including stainless steel. As deionised water contains no ions of its own, it will always look to draw from its immediate surroundings and even the atmosphere. One of the many uses for deIonised water, is for its cleaning capabilities. It is used worldwide in the window cleaning industry. No soap or chemicals are needed when you wash with deIonised Water. There are no ions ie. calcium, magnesium, iron, salts or other ions left in the water to cause residual marks once dried. It is an extremely active cleaner in itself. DeIonised water will greatly improve cleaning results.

Keywords: Filtered Water, Purified Water, Window Washing

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