By: CeilSpray (Pty) Ltd  08-17-2013
Keywords: waterproofing of walls, waterproofing of basements, waterproofing of concrete, waterproofing of roof

The correct waterproofing of any building isextremely important, and although once installed it is often ignored untilthere is a problem, owners would be well advised to engage a reputable companyto examine the roof and structure of any building both before and after the rainyseason to repair any faulty waterproofing and forestall further damage. Theeffects of rain damage are detrimental to any building structure and buildingowners need to take these precautions to ensure that no damage occurs.

Getting a competent waterproofing company orcontractor to provide expert and professional advice on leak repair and waterdamage, should be one of the top priorities of any building owner.

Employing the right applicator for executing thejob is equally important, and the Waterproofing Division of CEILSpray providesa solution-based answer to reinstating and protecting buildings against theingress of water by using quality materials and an experienced workforce.

Keywords: waterproofing of walls, waterproofing of basements, waterproofing of concrete, waterproofing of roof

Other products and services from CeilSpray (Pty) Ltd


High Pressure Cleaning

Using various methods and chemicals, CEILCleancan clean any type of substrate including hard-to-clean building exteriors suchas sandstone and other types of surfaces that can’t be cleaned with harshchemical cleaners.


Roof Rust Treatment

Roofs that are not properlymaintained can rapidly develop rust, which in turn puts the safety of the roofat risk and will eventually lead to replacement becoming necessary.


Roof Spraying

CEILSpray clients have a single company to takecare of all their roofing and maintenance requirements, including the sprayingof normal roof paints; the application of high quality thermal roof paints;rust removal; and waterproofing. Call our experts for a roof inspection today.


Ceiling Reburbishment

CEILSpray was born out of the need for a propermethod to refurbish suspended ceilings to regain their pristine look, and it ispart of the Company’s strategic objectives to offer an effective andprofessional approach to the refurbishment of suspended ceilings at a veryaffordable price.