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By: High Pressure Systems Cape Town  11-11-2011
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High Pressure Systems offer our clients a specialised service, which encompasses the following:

• Basic servicing of equipment
• Service contracts
• Back-up services

• Supply of Spares
• Filter repairs and installation
• Repairs

• Designing of specific equipment to meet client requirements
• Building up of equipment to client’s specifications

• Training courses
• BAUER Breathing Air
• HASKEL Oxygen Safety training
• Supply of Operator’s Manuals / Guides


Compressor and purification systems go through rapid technological changes. Users are confronted with novel products and services all the time. We assist users to meet this challenge. The training staff will familiarize new customers with compressed air technology. Moreover, existing customers are kept informed about new products and services.

We have many years of experience in High Pressure Oxygen Systems and have carried out extensive research on the best materials to use for oxygen services. Oxygen is a non-flammable gas, but it supports combustion vigorously while also being highly reactive with other materials. For this reason, the selection of the materials of construction is very important.

Operators of oxygen equipment must be trained in safety and the correct use of equipment. This is why High Pressure Systems provide comprehensive oxygen training courses to prevent the possibility of an incident and ensure worker safety.

We are currently running 2 training facilities nationally, located in Johannesburg and Cape Town and offering the following training in English.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our training facilities in the near future! Please remit this application as soon as possible, as it will assist in our planning, due to the demand.

Applications can be filled out online or printed and sent via fax or mail. You can also contact our training facilities by phone.

Application Form can be completed online and sent through to HPS CPT


The term “FAQ” is frequently encountered on the Internet. We would like to answer some “frequently asked questions” encountered by our HPS servicing team.

- The unit has to comply to Industrial Safety Standards
- A log book, recording place, date, name of the filling staff has to be kept
- Repairs, maintenance work and training programmes have to be documented
- Filling staff are to undergo an Accredited Training Course, covering the following topics:
• Operation and maintenance
• Potential hazards
• Safety equipment
• Problem solving
• Routine checks of safety equipment

Qualified individuals over the age of 18


Cylinders which have been designed for pressurised air for diving, breathing apparatus or storage and comply to SANS 10017

Only at a registered filling station

Breathing air must comply to EN12021

• Operating a compressor system requires expertise. If you repair a compressor, you become a manufacturer according to product liability laws.

• Work on the compressor unit may only be started once the unit has been switched off, unplugged and depressurised.

• Pressure lines may not be welded. Do not tighten screw fittings while the unit is under pressure.

• Observe the maximum torque for the individual fittings.

• Check the unit regularly for possible leaks. High pressure hoses have to be inspected frequently.

• Never pressurise the hoses without having connected the cylinder. Otherwise, the hose may cause severe injury whipping around.

• When cleaning the unit, do not use agents that produce noxious fumes (such as gasoline).


Are you ready for 2010?
Ensure that your staff are fully trained and equipped to handle the 2010 demand. Avoid disaster! Book now for  the training of staff, servicing and maintenance of machines.

R1,000.00 Excl. Vat per candidate on the Compressor Operators Course.

One candidate free for every 10 booked.

Keywords: Pressure Systems

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