The Engaged Manager

By: Solutions Connect Training and Consulting Africa (Pty) Ltd  09-07-2016
Keywords: Leadership, Coaching, Personal Development

The one-stop training essential for managers, this programme equips operational managers with the ability to manage themselves and their teams towards the achievement of departmental and business objectives. Participants will discover how to use their interaction skills to collaborate effectively within the organisation and communicate and support their teams. They will learn how to make effective decisions and carry out plans supporting their goals in the context of an ever-changing working environment. In addition, they will be introduced to the importance of finance in the workplace. Target audience: Team leaders, supervisors, first-line managers or small business owners who manage the operational activities of a business and who have people reporting to them. Outcomes: - Managing resources - Collaborating within the organisation - Communicating and interacting effectively - Displaying situational leadership: Authority, accountability, responsibility - Managing teams - Making effective decisions - Coaching - Managing projects - Adapting to change - Mastering company finance essentials Outline: This course consists of 9 modules that can also be stand-alone modules. Module 1: Your Role as a Manager - Planning, leading, organising and controlling - The business environment - Communicating effectively - Managing resources - Managing performance - Collaborating within the organisation - Coaching Module 2: The Engaged Manager - Communicating with empathy - Encouraging individuals to be involved - Recognising individuals’ contributions - Building agreement and consensus - Increasing individuals’ confidence and self-worth Module 3: Exploring Emotional Intelligence - Identify own personality style - Identify others’ personality style - Identify the personality styles within the team - Identify feelings and thoughts that drive behaviour - Techniques to recognise and change negative self-talk - Interaction techniques to communicate with other personality styles - Feedback for different personality styles Module 4: Leading your Team - The essentials of leadership - Authority, responsibility and accountability - Team dynamics: conflict - Linking team dynamics to personality styles - Handling conflict - Theories of motivation - Situational leadership Module 5: Decision-Making - Decision-making in the workplace - Popular methods of decision-making - Decision-making tools and techniques - Analytical thinking: Black-hat thinking - Case Study: Southwest Airlines Module 6: Organising and Controlling - Organising as a management function - The importance of organising - The control process - Types of control - Performance management - The coaching culture - The coaching relationship Module 7: Planning Function - Defining project management - The role of the project manager - Project management methods and models - Project management cultures - Case study: Process changes for a manufacturing company Module 8: Change Management - Adapting to change - Controlling change - Effecting change Module 9: Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Accounting concepts and application - Assessing the financial health of a company - Measuring financial performance - Sources of finance - Evaluating investments - Creating value Optional workplace assignments to enable participants to practice and apply the aspects learnt from each module. Duration: The duration and number of modules varies depending on an organisation’s specific needs and the needs of the participants. All modules, case studies, role-plays and exercises can be customised to take into account the unique environment of an organisation.

Keywords: Business Communication, Coaching, communication, Emotional Intelligence, Handling Conflict, Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Training, Management And Training, Management Training, manager, organising, Performance Management, Personal Development, planning, Resource Management, Training & Consultants,

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