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By: Tribal Computers  11-11-2011


Tribal Computers knows first hand the responsibilities of an outsourced IT service and provides high-level management and support. Tribal managed network service solutions provide complete or partial management and support for clients’ IT functions.

Tribal can become your virtual CIO, which is rapidly becoming the new way to network or seemlessly complement your current IT staff. Tribal delivers lower IT costs, increased operational efficiency, improved security and optimal network stability. Since 1987 Tribal has been designing, installing and maintaining business networks. With a client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small, privately-held businesses, Tribal services more than 200 clients in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana region.

Tribalprograms and technology professionals will help you eliminate risk in your technology infrastructure while maximizing network uptime. Whether on-site or hosted in our secure data center, your network will be protected from hackers, worms, viruses or power failures. From software and server upgrades, voice and data networks, to monitoring and managing your in-house or hosted systems, Tribal saves you time and money while eliminating IT headaches.


STEP 1 Network Assessment

The first step to improved workflow, reliability and IT management is Tribal Network Assessment of your existing IT environment. Tribal will deploy software and conduct a complete walk through of your facility to see what hardware and software applications are being used. Furthermore, we can determine what assets are not being used to the best of your organization’s ability and where vulnerability lies.

STEP 2 Strategic Road Map

With a complete network blueprint and inventory in hand, Tribal will work with you to provide a detailed outline of how to optimize your IT services, leverage new technology and meet your organization’s strategic needs. We can offer on-site recommendations or suggest moving your IT function to our climate controlled state-of-the-art secure data center. Each phase will be cost efficient and realistic for your business.

STEP 3 Manage

Let Tribal take it from here. Once a detailed solution for your IT function has been constructed, Tribal takes ownership of all your IT headaches; giving you more time to manage your business and work on your strategic initiatives. Tribal will also manage all software and firmware updates on a timely basis. We offer 24/7 monitoring, immediate problem identification and recovery solutions in the event of a disaster.

STEP 4 Improved Network Reliability and Security

Our goal is to continuously supply your company with the best service possible ensuring maximum uptime and preventing security threats. We meet with our clients regularly to review our performance, address growth needs and refresh aging technology to further optimize efficiency. We guarantee 99.5% uptime.


Remote 24/7 Monitoring Left unchecked, sooner or later your network will fail, leaving customers unserved, employees idle and your reputation hurt. Tribal has developed sophisticated processes and invested in software and infrastructure for on-site or remote monitoring and response services. Tribal mission is to identify potential problems and correct them before they disrupt your workflow.

On-Site Support Options When on-site response is needed, Tribal is there. With as quick as 2 hour response time and access to a complete team of certified professionals, Tribal will keep your business productive and flowing smoothly, no matter what it takes.

Software Updates and Fixes Optimal performance requires timely deployment of the most recent manufacturer updates and fixes to your network. To further minimize risk, on a prescheduled basis, Tribal provides critical manufacturer updates on all your software and hardware.

Superior Consultation and Productivity Acting as your Virtual CIO, Tribal provides recommendations designed to bring your network up to today’s performance standards and keep your workforce efficient and productive. We will educate you on new technology and emerging trends. You will know the current state of your IT systems and be better able to plan and budget for upgrades. Your strategy and technology will align.