Manhole Covers & Frames

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Polymer Concrete Manhole Covers, Gratings & Frames (Sans1882):
·        Has no metal value ( cannot be stolen and sold for scrap) 
·        Up to 60% cheaper than Cast iron Manhole Covers, Gratings & Frames 
 ·        Polymer Concrete Manhole Covers, Gratings & Frames have been sold in South Africa since 1992 and have performed excellently in all their  respective applications 
  ·        Polymer Concrete Manhole Covers are 6 times stronger ordinary concrete. The SABS has published SANS 1882 in 2003 and confirms that Polymer Concrete Manhole Covers & Frames can withstand a point load of up to 13500Kn and 
  ·        Easier handling, less weight.

PVC pipes can be manufactured to very close tolerances e.g..110mm u PVC pipe is made to an outside diameter of 110mm + 0,3 mm – 0,0 mm .This allows joints to be made by both the solvent weld method and by rubber ring seals.

The are made to manufactured accepted standards.

PVC pipes and fittings do not corrode and are totally unaffected by acid water ,acid soils and electrolytic corrosion from any source. In this respect they outclass any other pipe material including stainless steel..

Plastics pipes have extremely smooth bores. Jointing system are made to fine tolerances reducing...turbulence to a minimum. Cavitation is also minimize particular by our tapered reducers and bends.

Plastics pipes are not susceptible to attack from rodents or bacteria.

Plastic pipes are lightweight and easy to install. Correct installation will result in service for the needs of many generations .The very nature of plastic piping temps one to discard essential principles of pipe laying. Plastics pipes should be handled with care and not ''thrown'' to the ground. The basic principles applicable to the laying of any pipe material must be applied to plastic pipes as well.(refer to the SANS 1200specificain)

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