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By: Marketplace Transformation CC  11-26-2009

   We are serious about business  

It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick Matthew 10: 9-13  

  Vanessa has had 29 years of experience in the marketplace.  She offers practical and spiritual insight through one-on–one consulting to sme’s, corporate’s and government organizations,  monthly business seminars discussing various aspects of business, publications, radio talks and television appearances. As author, public speaker, and business consultant/coach/mentor, she assists businesses to apply the ancient wisdom of the Bible and sound business principles to ensure that business people are empowered in Truth and Excellence to ensure their businesses long term economic sustainability.  

Our Services:

*Business Rescue

*Business Turnarounds

*Business Transformation

*Business Consultants

*Business Strategists

*King III Consulting

*Companies Act 2008 Consulting