BKV - Chartered Accountants and Auditors

By: Bkv  11-11-2011
Keywords: Investigations, Audits

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•  Statutory audits

•  Companies  

•  Attorneys trust funds  

•  Estate agents trust funds 

•  Other statutory bodies

•  Non-statutory & special purpose audits

•  Due diligence investigations 

•  Incentive schemes 

•  Fraud investigations

•  System evaluations

•  Preparing budgets and cash flow statements

•  Assistance with your planning process in order for you to achieve your business goals

•  Processing financial transactions

•  Computerised accounting services

•  Assistance with keeping proper books of account and audit trail for audit and tax purposes

•  Assistance with statutory compliance and payroll administration, e.g. all taxes and PAYE, SDL, UIF and    Workman's Compensation Administration

•  Preparation of tailor made monthly management accounts

•  Drafting of Annual Financial Statements

We evaluate and analyze your business in relation to the industry in which it operates, economic trends and your business' unique requirements and the needs of the stakeholders involved. We provide solutions to the financial issues and the structuring of your business that adds value to all stakeholders. Our service includes the following:

•  Assistance relating to the sale and purchase of businesses

•  Assistance with mergers and acquisitions

•  Assistance with management buy-outs

•  Assistance to obtain credit facilities with a variety of institutions, such as banks, Business Partners, the      IDC etc.

•  Assistance to obtain government grants from e.g. the DTI

•  Business plans

•  Evaluation of BEE status

•  Financial planning

•  Investigations relating to investments and cost structures

•  Legal structuring of your business

•  Valuations

We provide advice and service regarding the installation and implementation of computerised accounting systems.

We do:

•  Estate and financial planning

•  Draw up wills and trust deeds

•  Act as executors, administrators and trustees

We provide a complete range of company, close corporation and trust secretarial services:

•  Register companies, close corporations and trusts and assist with the ongoing administration and changes    necessitated by your changing business requirements and changes in legislation

•  Draft resolutions and minutes

•  Amendments to company, close corporation and trusts documents

•  Keeping statutory registers and minute books

•  Administer and assist with the preparation of documents for Annual General Meetings

We provide advice and strategies relating to all types and areas of taxation, e.g. Donations Tax, Estate Duty, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, Stamp Duty, Transfer Duty, PAYE and VAT. We seek to minimise your tax liability within the framework of the law.

We administer your tax affairs by:

•  assisting with the registration of your business and its stakeholders for various taxes

•  calculating the taxes

•  submitting all types of tax returns

•  verification of assessments and returns

•  corresponding and negotiating with SARS and other government bodies on your behalf

•  handling of SARS enquiries and audits

Keywords: Audits, Investigations