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By: great wall  11-24-2008

The Great Wall Alternative This is a wild great wall trip that visitors seldom get to experience. Your own English speaking guide will transport you to a remote farm setting where you will spend the night and dine on freshly prepared food. In the morning you will awake refreshed, have breakfast, and then be guided to a remote section of the wild Great Wall that is not renovated. You will see it all as it was, untouched and left as an archeological site for the favored few. There will be no children, litter, concession areas, vendors, rest rooms, or anything else that walks with you. Where I take you will be China majesty that is untypical. Only through the services of a bi-lingual hiker, organizer and guide could such a trip be accomplished. If that’s what you want, then you do need me. Please book a trip or send an E-Mail to inquiry . From Bernard Rosenberg; Sarasota, Florida USA I had the opportunity to utilize the guided services of Wang Ping during July of 2005. That summer was my first trip to China, and had it not been for his organization and skills, I never would have made to a remote section of the Great Wall on my own. He led me to a fantastic journey and I savored every moment of it. Unguided adventures in this region can’t be done on your own. Traffic is a nightmare, remote lodgings are unadvertised, and maps to the way up and down simply aren’t in print. The only way you get it is through someone in the know, and that’s why I chose Wang. Wang’s English is good, his driving skills are satisfactory, and his knowledge about the wall is terrific. He was punctual in picking me up and very caring throughout the entire trip. He absolutely knows his way around, and this was evident from the very start to the very end. I felt secure with him, and he was worth every cent of what I paid. There is only one word to describe my overall experience and that word is intimate. I had a Chinese guide, stayed in a Chinese setting, ate Chinese food, met Chinese friends, and climbed a Chinese piece of history. Throughout it all I felt special and privileged, and I didn’t even see another Westerner. This was local immersion at its finest. And as far as being on the Great Wall goes I must say that it left me breathless. It is an astounding feeling knowing that you are climbing onto one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that has been left for the modern traveler. My feeling of accomplishment in doing this trip will never leave me, and I’ll brag about forever. It simply was that good. Your China Guy has lived in the region of Beijing for almost all of his entire life. I grew up here, was educated here, and have roamed the hillsides and mountains ever since I was a little boy. If anyone knows his way around this develolping area, it is me. I favored learning English ever since my high school days. The language intrigued me, and my skills as an intepter continue to grow. I achieved my college degree at Najing Institute of Meterology, but as weather changes so did I, and I worked full-tme for China Netcom in computer assisted communications. Now I lose the job of China Netcom, so I am a hiking guide full time.

I am also an inventor and fabricator. I have my own business in the fishing tackle industry, and I supply distributors globally with new products of innovation. In short, I'm a pretty busy guy. But I love hiking! I have have reached many pinnacles of nearbyHiking on the Five Stage Mountain to the North West of Beijing About 400 KM away . mountain tops and I have been in many provinces as I have wound my way to adventures in the clouds. Hiking is popular in China and continues to emerge as an international attraction. As my country grows, so does the world begin to focus on us. China is a vast land, and much opportunity is now ahead of us due to commerce and free enterprise.
My experiences at the Great Wall are vast. Some portions are so difficult to climb I don't even offer them. Others are so easy and so crowded that they too, are ignored. This website pins down the best the Great Wall has to offer the adventurer in a 2 day immersion. I have thought this trip out well and leave no loose ends. You will own the Great Wall the moment you step foot on it If you book with me, and you will not be disappointed; this I can assure you!