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Keywords: Data Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Quality Audits

Monitoring and evaluation

Wazima has successful designed and implemented M&E systems for highly complex programmes and organisations ranging from paper based collection and collation processes to electronic databases with specific reporting functionalities.  Wazima believes in a participative and collaborative process.  Our belief is that while reporting to donors is certainly important, it is vital that performance data is fed back into the project, where good quality data and relevant indicators will provide an indication of project progress, activity results, early identification of challenges and will allow time to implement any changes required to ensure the attainment of project outcomes and impact. ..

M&E database design

As part of a complete M&E solution or as an individual task, Wazima provide cost effective web based data management solutions.  We have experience in developing M&E data management systems, incorporating detailed electronic audit trails, form level data verification, enhanced data security, various access levels, dashboard interfaces and extensive reporting using open source development solutions.  We focus on open source software development which minimises cost at this often very expensive stage in the M&E system development. ..

Data quality audits and TA

<div">Maintaining data quality is often overlooked in the design of M&E systems, resulting in poor quality data that severely limits decision making capacity and represents inefficient use of staff time in collection and collation processes.  Wazima addresses data quality parameters at each point in the data management cycle, with emphasis on an auditable trail to indicate that quality has been maintained. Wazima place a focus on the development of systems that maintain and enhance data quality through alignment of data management processes to staff activities, thorough documentation and implementation of a comprehensive data management plan. ..

Baseline studies and impact assessments

Baseline studies, situational assessments and impact assessments guide the implementation of development projects by providing information regarding a particular situation, providing baseline numbers from which impact can be gauged and measuring impact that can be directly/indirectly attributed to project interventions.  Wazima's experience in designing, managing and conducting research studies in diverse conditions makes us the ideal partner for any organisation or project undertaking these types of research studies. ..

Programme Evaluation

Programme evaluations determine, as systematically and objectively as possible, the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the programmes and organizational activities in relation to stated objectives.  Wazima's approach to programme evaluations takes a comprehensive and coherent look at how the discrete dimensions of the programme interact with one another and ensures an efficient, informative and practical programme evaluation result.  We have extensive experience in managing programme evaluations as a participative process, ensuring maximum knowledge transfer to your organisation and staff. ..

M&E Training

Wazima's approach to M&E is supported by extensive emphasis on capacity building of personnel to interact with and manage their M&E systems, documentation and databases.  As such M&E training and specifically practical training comprise a significant part of our work.  Wazima conducts internal trainings on the designed systems and databases, accompanied by step-by-step training manuals that can be used as reference material once the system has been implemented.  Wazima has also conducted commissioned trainings on general M&E systems, concepts and theory.  ..

Proposal Writing

With all international and local funders placing an increasing emphasis on good M&E of programmes and projects from project inception it has become important to demonstrate a good M&E framework in proposal documents.  Ensuring that the theory of change proposed by the project is supported by solid results monitoring at different levels strengthens proposals immeasurably.  Wazima's experience with designing M&E systems, conducting programme evaluations and data quality audits allow us to act as a pivotal resource in supporting a projects envisioned design using an appropriate M&E framework. ..

IT Training

Keywords: Data Management, Data Quality Audits, Monitoring and Evaluation,

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