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By: WaterIcon  11-11-2011
Keywords: Plants, Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis

Yuanlai Trading is a fully South African owned specialist water and effluent treatment company. The company has its own design, manufacturing and installation divisions. All our products have been developed from first principles and we proud ourselves on soundly engineered products.

We have been particularly successful with plant upgrades and fault finding / optimization on existing plants. We are operating all over Africa and can execute projects under difficult logistical and operating environments. The services of the company are defined as follows:

Product supply (installation and servicing options)

Turnkey treatment systems

Package plants


The company design and manufacture a large range of products that are used in the water, sewage and effluent industries. We design and supply the following types of equipment:


Inlet Screening (mechanical screens and static, self cleaning screens)

Grit removal systems: static and mechanical units

Fat, oil and grease separation: Air based systems, floating oil skimmers, high rate plate separators.

Specialised Treatment Systems

Reverse Osmosis

Ion Exchange, including the removal of problematic constituents Flow control equipment

Sluice gates, penstocks, channel gates in any size or material.


High Pressure filter vessels in fibre glass, mild steel or stainless steel

Rapid gravity filters:

Turnkey plant design and installation

Water treatment plants for municipalities, bulk operators and industry: Sizes from 500 to 20 000 cubic metres per day Sewage treatment plants for municipalities, etc.
Specialised configurations suitable for specific industries: We are specialized in providing cost effective solutions for total water systems, particularly the beverage industry.

Package Plants

We offer three types of treatment plants, depending on suitability for a particular client. The types of plants we offer are the following: Extended aeration Fixed film reactor technology Combination high rate trickling filter technology The plants are cost effective up to about 800 m3 per day.

Package Water Treatment Plants

Robust and simple solutions for any application from 25 000 litres per day up to 6 000 cubic metres per day. Plants can be skid mounted / containerized for quick commissioning on site, or built onto trailers for maximum adaptability.

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