By: Water Purification Solutions  11-11-2011
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The Micro-Pac is a mini, transportable water purification unit. It is a chemical free process using proven technology to purify any surface and tap water. The unit is housed in a standard “ammo box”, roughly 500mm x 400mm x 230mm and weighing approximately 8kg.

The unit comprises of two filters, the first being an activated carbon cartridge. This cartridge has a pre-filtering property to remove all suspended solids bigger than 5µm (5x10-6mm). The second property of this initial cartridge is the carbon block situated in the core. Activated carbon is used to remove the traces of organic odours and tastes from surface water and chlorine from municipal supply. This filter is estimated to have a life span of 10 000 litres if the chlorine content of the water is 2 ppm maximum, the figure of 10 000 l is relative to the quality of the source water.

The second cartridge that is used is a sliver impregnated ceramic micro filter. This is the sterilizing component of the unit. This filter removes particles down to 0.8µm, 99.99% of bacteria are eradicated once they come in contact with the silver that is locked into the ceramic. Examples of these bacteria are E-Coli, Cholera, Shigella, Typhoid and Klebsella. Other harmful cysts are removed, like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, these are the generally the cause of the “tummy bug” or better known as travellers diarrhoea. This cartridges recommended lifespan is 10 000 litres, it will however need a clean from time to time depending on the water source. 

Keywords: Cartridge, Chlorine, filter, Water Purification

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