Warren Chem Specialities - nutraceutical

By: Warren Chem  12-08-2011

Warren Chem is able to offer an extensive range of high-quality ingredients to manufacturers of dietary supplements and herbal preparations.

The global quest for health and wellness has permeated the South African market.  In an effort to go “natural” and minimise the use of prescription drugs, well-informed consumers have embraced complementary and alternative medicines in the self-treatment of minor ailments and in combination with conventional drugs for more serious disease conditions.  In addition, consumers recognise the value of the regular use of vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations and other dietary supplements in promoting wellness and preventing disease.

Our principal suppliers are constantly striving to provide new and innovative ingredients for the nutraceutical market.  In many cases, these are unique, branded ingredients that provide our customers with the edge when developing formulations aimed at a specific target market.

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Warren Chem Specialities - products

Warren Chem regularly sends delegates overseas to source new ingredients and explore trends in the rest of the world, to ensure that our customers are exposed to and have access to the latest innovative ingredients available. While we do we carry a number of regular stock items, we are able, through our network of suppliers to source almost any ingredient from almost anywhere in the world.


Warren Chem Specialities - wine

We offer a popular selection of yeast strains, yeast nutrients as well as other wine ingredients and processing aids trusted by winemakers around the world. With so many factors influencing the quality of your product, make sure you control the variables you can. With the expansion of the global wine market, winemakers need to deliver wines of great quality.


Warren Chem Specialities - pharmaceutical

With the pharmaceutical industry recently being identified by the South African Government as a strategic area for growth, we value our strong relationships with local manufacturers of pharmaceutical finished products. In co-operation with our approved suppliers, we are able to offer local manufacturers both Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and pharmaceutical grade Excipients.


Warren Chem Specialities - activatedcarbon

Activated Carbon is widely used in the purification, deodorisation and decolourisation of liquids in the food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical industry, in air and gas treatment, water and waste water treatment and also in special applications such as cabin air or drinking water filters.