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By: Visual Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: 3D Animation, Simulation Software, Development Platform

Simple sin with plot

By combining the simplicity and clarity of a block diagram interface with a high-performance mathematical engine, VisSim provides fast and accurate solutions for linear, nonlinear, continuous time, discrete time, SISO, MIMO, multi-rate, and hybrid systems. With VisSim's wide selection of block operations and expression handling, complex sysems can be quickly entered into VisSim.

Simple AM+FM modulation diagram with plot

VisSim's tightly integrated development platform makes it easy to pass freely among the stages of model construction, simulation, optimization, and validation. This means you can create virtual prototypes on your desktop and make sure they're working properly before committing to the design. And because VisSim eliminates traditional programming, your learning time is minimal.

3D trajectory plot of Cornu's Spiral

3D VRML animation of a Lunar Lander

VisSim supports interactive 3D plotting and 3D animation as shown above.

VisSim offers a comprehensive set of companion products for:

  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Highly efficient ANSI C code generation
  • Communications system modeling
  • TI MCU and DSP and embedded system development
  • Neural networks
  • OPC
  • CAN
  • Real-time analog and digital I/O
  • UDP based real-time ethernet data exchange
  • RS232 real-time serial I/O
  • OMG UML compliant graphical state chart construction, simulation and code generation

These addon modules are listed in the Products sidebar.

With over 100 thousand users across a broad range of industries and disciplines, VisSim is a world leader in dynamic simulation software and model-based development.


  • Drag-and-drop block diagram construction
  • 120+ built-in linear and nonlinear blocks
  • Integrated Newton-Raphson solver for dynamic systems with implicit equations
  • Toolbox functions for control, electromechanical design, hydraulics, signal processing, process, power, chemical, thermal, and turbines
  • ODE solvers include Euler, trapezoidal, Runge Kutta 2nd and 4th orders, adaptive Bulirsh-Stoer and Runge Kutta 5th order
  • Stiff ODE solvers include backward Euler, adaptive Adams-Moulton and BDF algorithms
  • MatLab, Mathcad, and Maple integration
  • Interactive input with buttons, sliders and dialogs, and interactive outputs with numeric displays, 2D, 3D plots, strip charts, meters, gauges, lights, and animations
  • Linear transfer function block with IIR and FIR filter wizard. Implements Laplace transform in S domain, and also supports discrete Z domain operation. Has bilinear (Tustin) Z transform to and from S domain, complex pole/zero specification, fixed point simulation and code generation
  • Nonlinear parameter optimization
  • Extensive matrix operations (inverse,multiply,min,max,linear solve,transpose,resection,FFT,InverseFFT,vbuffer,spreadsheet data entry,etc)
  • Matrix, Complex number and string support
  • DLL wizard for custom C, C++, Fortran, and Pascal blocks
  • Synchronous and asynchronous DDE
  • Hierarchical models with password protection
  • Extensive on-line help
  • Embedded subdiagrams with multi-rate subsystems
  • Read and write data files in .txt, .csv, .m, .wav, .mat formats
  • Built-in C interpreter
  • State Machine simulation and code generation integrated with continuous engine
  • Free VisSim Viewer


Keywords: 3D Animation, Development Platform, Simulation Software

Other products and services from Visual Solutions


VisSim Product Overview | VisSim

VisSim's visual interface offers a simple method for constructing and simulating large-scale complex dynamic systems; its math engine provides fast, accurate solutions for linear, nonlinear, continuous time, discrete time, time varying and hybrid system designs. VisSim is an award winning graphical block diagram language for modeling and simulating complex dynamic systems.


VisSim/Comm™ | VisSim

With a full complement of communication blocks and a powerful, time-domain simulation engine, VisSim/Comm provides fast and accurate solutions for analog, digital, and mixed-mode communication system designs. VisSim/Comm lets you build both transmitter and receiver models, from a first principles perspective, by simply selecting and connecting predefined blocks.


VisSim/Turbo Codes™ | VisSim

The optional VisSim/TurboCodes module brings the power of Turbo Codes to VisSim/Comm simulations by adding support for the PCCC variety of turbo codes. Exhibiting performance approaching the Shannon limit, Turbo Codes have seen rapid adoption in the design of modern digital communication systems. The TC blockset features efficient encoder and decoder designs, including support for the UMTS specification.


VisSim/ECD for TI Piccolo | VisSim

VisSim/Fixed Point block set performs simulation and efficient code generation of scaled fixed-point operations like sin, cos, sqrt, atan2, FIR, and IIR; overflow and precision loss effects are easily seen and corrected at simulation time; auto-scaling speeds fixed-point development; in-line code generation creates fast target code.