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By: Visoft  11-11-2011
Keywords: Remote Access, Financial Software, Software Application

Our primary focus is on upgrading, conversion of data and integration from previous accounting packages like Pastel Partner or other legacy account systems into Pastel Evolution.

We offer the following services either as a complete solution
or individually in any combination depending on the requirements and needs of our customers.

- Pastel Evolution Software Sales
- Installation, Setup, Configuration
- Data Conversion and Integration
- Network Setup Services and Support
- Remote Access and Support
- On-site Training, per User and Group
- Supply Other Hardware and Software Products and Services


  • Pastel  Evolution Software Sales

We are Certified Business Partners for Pastel Evolution which is a premium ERP and financial software application for the small and medium enterprise market.

This product is built on a Microsoft SQL Server database platform and supports any number of users from a single user to 100+ users, developed in South Africa for the South African market.


  • Installation, Setup, Configuration

With the installation, setup and configuration of Pastel Evolution it is advisable to make use of someone like us that has the knowledge and experience in implementing these systems.

There is no point in spending money on purchasing a financial application and then not implementing it properly. This only allows for errors in the financial data and eventually ending up not using the system and a huge amount of frustration.We will implement and configure your system correctly and advise you on the correct use and operation of your Pastel Evolution implementation.


  • Data Conversion and Integration

In many instances for many different reasons companies change from one financial software application to another. This would then require that the data from the previous system be transferred to the new system.

Some companies prefer taking only masterfile information like customers, suppliers, inventory items and aged opening balances across to the new system. Others would like to have the individual transactions transported at different levels of integration depending on their requirements.We are able to move the data from other systems to your newly installed Pastel Evolution implementation provided that we are able to retrieve the correct data from your legacy system.


Most implementations these days go beyond a single user system and require a proper reliable network infrastructure for networking their workstations. In many instances Wide Area Networks are required when multiple sites and offices are involved.

We can advise you on the correct solution for your environment and also do the setup and implement of such an infrastructure.


  • Remote Access and Support

The increasing demand for customers to have reliable access to support and the availability of a solution to their problems as soon as possible are more and more apparent. This, together with the ever increasing and never ending traffic congestion problems that we are facing leaves the customer without the option of finding support when the need is there. Getting the support tomorrow or next week is very often not a viable solution.

We therefore offer a remote access support solution to out customers provided that the correct wide area network services and securities are in place.The solution that we offer allows us to see what the users sees on their monitor and then guide them through their problem or even show them how to solve the problem.. just as if one were standing next to them and helping them.


We also offer on-site user training on an individual one-one basis as well as in "functional" groups where there are more that one person performing the same function.

We cover the whole spectrum of their job function in relation to the functions and options offered by the software application in order to allow them to be fully efficient in using their Pastel Evolution system.


  • OtherProducts and Services

A full range of networking components, computer hardware, operating system software, anti-virus and other application software is available and can be supplied in order to provide our customers with a complete solution that supports their business and financial software implementation.


Keywords: Account Systems, Conversion Of Data, Financial Software, Remote Access, Software Application,