By: Vision Twenty  11-11-2011
Keywords: Computer Services

Our services will also assist your company by implementing IT solutions that will help you control
your e-mail and internet usage and limit the abuse by users on the network who ultimately cause
performance issues on the network, servers and workstations.

Internet and e-mail needs to be managed correctly to avoid the increase in Viruses,
Spam and other system debilitating bugs.

Vision Twenty’s IT computer services offer consulting around IT Infrastructure,
Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Data Backups, Data Management, Infrastructure,
Cabling, Switching, Novel, Open Source, Routing as well as Microsoft Licensing and most
Software requirements.

Our IT services include:

* IT Support
* Data Management
* Hardware and Software
* Networking Solutions
* Redundancy
* Security
* Data Backup Solutions
* Disaster Recovery
* IT Outsourcing
* IT Asset Management Software Solutions * Archiving

Keywords: Computer Services