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By: Virgin Active  11-11-2011
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Arm Exercises - All-in-one arm exercises

All-in-one arm exercises for the definition you want!
There’s no two ways about it: To define your biceps, you’ve got to feel the burn! Both men and women place great emphasis on developing toned arms, and thus arm workouts are often a central focus of gym routines and fitness programmes. The good news is that the most effective biceps and triceps exercises are simple to do, and when completed correctly will bring about visible results.

Virgin Active’s health and fitness experts have designed a range of biceps and triceps exercises to ensure that you get the best upper arm workout possible. Check out these step-by-step guides:

  • General arm workout
  • Biceps workout
  • Triceps workout
  • Strength training for biceps

Try out these effective arm exercises next time you visit your favourite Virgin Active Health Club. Our personal trainers will gladly guide you through your arm workout and help you to achieve the results you desire.

Tips for maximising your arm workouts
Arm workouts are relatively easy to do, but as with many other types of exercises, having the correct technique is absolutely essential to their effectiveness. Are you getting it right? If you’re not sure, ask your gym’s personal trainers for advice when you visit the health club. These qualified fitness experts will help you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your exercise programme.

Also, take note of these arm exercise tips next time you grab a pair of dumbbells:

  • Always stretch the area you’re going to be exercising before commencing your fitness programme. This will reduce the chance of strain or injury.
  • Men wishing to build mass should complete fewer reps with heavier weights, whilst women wishing to tone their arms should do more reps with lighter weights.
  •  Aim to work on your arms 2 to 3 times per week. Don’t exercise your arms – or any other part of your body – on consecutive days.
  • If you are aiming for growth, use the heaviest weight you can manage, and complete the number of reps recommended by a personal trainer.
  • Always keep your back and trunk straight when completing arm exercises.
  • If you tend to have back problems or pain in your back, you should do your arm exercises whilst seated, using equipment such as seated bicep curl machines and seated tricep extension machines.
  • Exhale at the most difficult point of your exercise. Resist the urge to hold your breath as this could lead to light-headedness.

Arm exercises are quick and simple to complete, yet offer impressive results. Start sculpting your arms at your nearest Virgin Active Health Club today!

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