Vinpower Digital Inc. - Stress Tester

By: Vinpower Digital  11-11-2011

Vinpower Digital has long been a testing lab for a number of recordable media manufacturers and in this capacity; we have created a Blu-ray stress tester. Because the duplication industry is a lot more stressful on media, it creates a difficult challenge for the media manufacturers to measure the quality of their media. That's why we created the BD Media Stress Tester.

This combination of software and hardware simulates multiple levels of possible duplication environments using all available popular BD writer drives to run the copy process. If the discs pass our verification process, then the media is certified as suitable for the duplication industry. If the discs fail, the stress tester provides a data readout to a PC for the issues related to the problem, which allows for further analysis from the media manufacturer to correct this problem.

This product can also be used by media customers to test the quality of the BD-R media they purchase. This device is perfect for any company or individual who needs to make BD-R copies and doesn't want to leave the quality of the duplicated discs to chance.

The Stress Tester can also be configured for recordable DVD's and CD's as well.